Saturday, 17 May 2003

144 Letter to Hogan Howe 29-7-14-

yesterday they were saying that they had been to the hospital in Huddersfield and look at my files if this is true they will know they are on a hiding to nothing
the other thing that was said is that they thought I would go in and kick off why would I do that - I have always found the nursing staff at Huddersfield Royal more then OK and have nothing but praise for them 
speak as you find the Metropolitan police could learn from them in regarding people skills- I expect they are waiting to go on a Raythone  training  course - sorry they have been on that one that is why they find themselves in the situation they are in 


they were targeting my head 

this pic dose not do it Justice 

my hip this morning

my hip this morning 
they were saying this morning that they could cause pain to my hip because I have had an ex ray on it and it was OK and if I complained about it people would thing I am a just putting it on 
the imprint below is caused by there weapon 


they stopped using the yellow stuff because when I went to the hospital they found it behind my eye

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