Sunday, 1 June 2003

154 Letter to Hogan Howe 3-7-14 punishment beating by the Metropolitan police

over the last week the man below has order his officers to cause me as much pain to the top of my leg as they possible could and they have followed his orders to the letter, if they did this in the first instance to someone for the first time they could have a complacent person, so why dose it not work on me because I have had years of it and there have been times they have caused an equal amount of pain to my head and I  thought I would not live though the night 

this man like to known as the boss he needs to get a grip

the three people below are between them responsible for the Metropolitan police and as has been proved they cover up evidence and dispose of any thing they think that can be used against them

the patent number for this weapon is
US Patent 7,7,84,390
it has a detachable weapon that I think can be used as an held weapon 

my leg last knight it took them all day to archive this 
they call it working on me,
they make remarks all the time as to how they think I am dealing with the pain
one officer said he liked to see me work through the pain
and when I watched the video of the young girl below the man on duty said what they were doing to her was wrong yet he still kept on causing me pain
the bruising goes right up in to part that I can not show you 

there covers the inside of the black circle and down my leg

what they are doing to me is the same as these men were doing to this poor young girl, I do not know what a crime was but what ever she did not and nobody deserve to be punished like this 
I do not condone what happened to this young lady in any way shape or form -

I only show this video as a comparison between the length of punishment she received to the length of 
punishment I have been through for no crime committed 

after all when I applied for police clearance the police in Uxbridge had to give me one because I had lived 
there as did all the other police forces in the towns I have lived in 
when people are sent to prison they are given a period of time to serve and when it is over they are set free back in to the community

this video made me cry not for my self but for her \I have found ways to fight back she had none I hope she is well and is getting over what has happened to her and that her family will look after her and forgive for what ever they think she did wrong 

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