Tuesday, 3 June 2003

156 Letter to Hogan Howe black eyes 5-7-14- the number start at 61

yesterday afternoon one of the men on duty shot the corner of my eye with a sharp pain the one I call the pin prick, it was not for some time later that I took the photo's below. I do not pretend to understand what your weapons do how how they work, all I know is that with my Mobile phone it shows the damage your so call non-lethal weapons cause,
The men on duty last night have woken me up to cause me bouts of pain to fed there violent natures and for fill there sexual gratification,
somebody is deleting my post I have just gone to look for some document in another post and in Letter to Hogan Howe and the number 1 to 60 have gone I have not taken them down and they were numbered in order, Hogan Howe so called officer keep out of my flat and stop hacking my blog

                                                                       I closed my eye when I took this -
                                     this is my good eye the one they said they would leave alone they never have  

these were taken some hours after and it is starting to go away

what it should say is pain without unseen injury
the statement below makes people to think they will receive no injury when all the time it is going on under the skin
this weapon should be banned from use 

off to my sister for breakfast as I do every saturday morning 

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  1. I find this all very hard to believe. .