Saturday, 31 December 2005

166 Letter to Hogan Howe - the pain you are causing to my leg does not frighten me

the pain you are causing me is an inconvenience and not frighting because you see the frighten bit was way back in 2008 when you were targeting my head and I thought  would be dead by the morning so hear is a reminder 
update at 0902 they have caused me extreme pain all night and I sat in my chair most of it , when they cause me extreme pain I go to bed -what they have said through the night is that they will make sure that when they are targeting me I will not have a safe haven to go to,
the woman on duty at 6-22am said she felt she could use the pain they are causing me to train me, I wounder what brainless cow think she can train me to do when I can not get from one side of the room to the other and I know she will not stop causing me pain because she gets off on doing -
what do they call people who like causing pain to other people for there own pleasure because whatever it is they are all it 

this was your men bring in the new year because they could not be at home with there loved ones


the thing you can see is a projectile from there weapon

nobody ever died from pain to there leg from manufactured pain unless you know something I don't 




14-7-14- 0006



why this video came out this colour I do not know

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