Saturday, 31 December 2005

153 Letter to Hogan Howe turning me pink

o your officer on the ground ever learn by there mistake, the day i end up in hospital they turned my whole body pink in front of the ambulance people and mt sister who had seen this before,them turned it off again, they do this to my legs and since I have been in hospital my sister ask about them and want to look at them to see how they are doing, When Clair came the other day they had turned it off and she could not contain her delight at how much better they looked what she said was that the anger had gone out of them, I have been saying the same thing, so why do they keep them pink because they are pail purple underneath which dose not look as bad as the pink which some times is bright red, They keep saying they need to prove they are doing there work how this proves they are causing me pain god only knows as the two thing are unrelated, have you ever employed anyone with any common sense - 

I can not upload my video at the moment will do so when I can 

20-1-08 -2058

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