Saturday, 31 December 2005

162 Letter to Hogan Howe 17-8-14

yesterday morning was not to bad until I went to leave and then they turned up the pain,  my other sister brought my shopping and stayed for a while and we talked about her son and university and work 
I left school at 14 my mum got me an interview in a shop in Maidstone and because I got it they let me leave so that would be about the April and I was 15 in the May and should have left in the July been working ever since as you do - mind you I am glad I am not looking for work now or having to go to the job centre they seam to five people to drink so to speak, it is bad enough been out of work and right now there are not enough jobs to go around, we have people working on zero hours we are going backward regarding the right of working people 
right now we have bad government's and the police are worse then useless the Justice system favours the rich and the rest of us are treated with contempt
more and more people are turning to our favourite men in masks 



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