Saturday, 31 December 2005

171 letter to Hogan Howe 27-8-14- shopping

I went shopping yesterday Claire took me, they caused me pain through out and when we sat down to have a coffee and when I stood up they made it at hard as they could without making me fall, for the rest of the day they spent there time saying how ill I looked and it had taken all these years to made me look like this, they are real proud of there achievement but it is like I tell them you may bring my physical health down but mental they never will, I am stronger then all of them put together my mum did not bring up week whining daughter and sons unlike there's 
they are near to bring me down as they were 2006 that was there only change the fist night they caused me frightening pain the next day I would have done any thing to make them stop but they told me to get use to it they were for life when you use the worst threat you have it leaves you nothing only to whine that you are not getting any where and people do not understand what they have been up against, the truth of the matter is they did I told them not to take me on because they did not know what they were getting
they should have listened 
I do not forgive 
I do not forget
expect me to fight till the end 


the blob is some kind of projectile 


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