Saturday, 31 December 2005

209 Letter to Hogan Howe 5-10-14-

we all have our own speech Paten they use words that I would never use like recognizance
the only time I have heard one of them been told off is when he used the F word and that was when all this first started and what he said was that I used it, he was told that it did not make any difference what I said they because they were police office and should conduct them selves as such I was still on the boat 2004 - I would have said they have to be on there best behaviour,  I can not spell and I think we use word that we have some hope of spelling to make life easy for our self 


Elwood Norrise





this is my new pain chart I some time wonder if they know just how much they target me, I have seen video clips of the ary useing long distance weapons and one of them  said he had to remind himself that the people on the ground were real, I some time think I am treated like a video game 

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