Saturday, 31 December 2005

216 Letter to Hogan Howe 13-10-14- my eyes

yesterday I felt ill all day, I got up at 8am and did my breakfast and fell a sleep in the chair on and off until    1 pmish, I just could not string two thoughts together it felt as if someone had taken my brain and washed it and I had to find it again, I did do a dinner by cooking some chicken in the slow cooker and doing the roast potatoes in the halogen cooker, I wish I could say more about how I felt but I it is hard to explain 
they are still targeting my eye when they wake me up 

I had an op on my eye to repaired the damage they had done when they realised it had gone well they started with in hours targeting my eyes 

my brother in law took me to the hospital 
4-11-08 -0613

4-11-08- 0720

you can just see projectil from there weapons on my head 

4-11-08- 1215

they were filling my mask with god knows what as well as targeting my eye

I do wounder if it was something like the below 


13-10-14- 0543

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