Saturday, 31 December 2005

249 letter to Hogan Howe 21-11-14- shopping day

the people on duty last night were dreadful, I went to bed because I did not feel well and they took delight in targeting ever part of my body, they targeted my hart because as they say it is one place I can not make a video of - I was so swollen that I thought I would have to send for an ambulance 
they have no shame what so ever, now all I am hear is that we are new to this job as the way of an excuse that one has been tried many time it did not work for them and it dose not work for the woman on duty last night, what the woman on duty has just said (12-13 ) she has no proof only what she is saying but that is were she is wrong they make there own videos of what not only of what I am doing bot what they are doing not unless should they ever be ask for video from a certain time they are going to disappear time will tell,
I all so no that they write down what I eat and drink because one day the officer on duty ask what he should put down the drink I had made as, it was camp coffee in cold milk  
they want me to ask them for  permission to go out hell will freeze over before I do that _ I never have and never will ask them if I can do ant thing - why they have become obsessed about me going out I do not no 
went shopping despite them trying all the mean and spiteful things they did during the night 



the round mark is were they are causing me pain to my head 






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