Saturday, 31 December 2005

262 Letter to Hogan Howe 8-7-14 - old age

what they have discovered is that old age bring unforeseen circumstance and they did not allow for this - why because they thought I would be dead long before this, they did not think anyone could survive there weapons or the pain, all though the pain is beyond any thing you will ever feel the one thing you no it is not because you have some dreadful illness and once they stop you in lot of way can carry on, the damage they cause comes when you get older and your body can not with stand the daily on targeting of pain against it, your skin becomes thin so bruising occurs a lot easier, and of cause your internal organs do not behave as they should, 
one of the office said this week that nobody had told them it would be like this, that they would be targeting an old age person, they all so keep saying they do not think I can go on much long - well that is in the lap of the god's - for my part I wonder how well I can make my self if they stopped because right now I am not at my best I have put on a lot of weight because I do not get enough excise because even when I walk to the kitchen they target me, and they are doing ever thing they can to stop me going out at all, at the present I am only going out on a Friday to get me shopping and Saturday to my sister for breakfast. when I went out last week to the library they target me so much I had to go for a coffee and was shacking with exhaustion,they want me to ask them to if I can go out I will not do that I never have and never will, what they are doing is holding me a prison with pain, 





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