Saturday, 31 December 2005

269 Letter to hogan Howe 18-12-14- the pain to my face and 08

found this video  about me making leaflets I told them that if they did not leave me alone not only would I make them but hand them out, started putting them on car in car park on the motorway to get up my confidence and then hand them out in Victory station 
you keep saying you do not want me to post from the year 08 because of what is on it yet you do ever thing in your power to provoke me in to do it take this video as a warning, this is one of the better ones
stop them causing me this horrendous pain you no what I have 
the pain is like having an infection in your jaw, will have to dig out the video of the last time they tried this -
I am off back to bad until they fill there boots 







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