Saturday, 31 December 2005

272 Letter to Hogan Howe cake making make the flat smell like mine

cooking change the atmosphere  in my flat I have trouble regarding this as my home but when I cook it makes it feel more like mine and not there torture chamber -

Boiled fruit Cake

still doing boiled fruit cake it is a wonderful cake to eat with cheese  and so easy to make 
1/4 pint of tea of your choice
4oz  margarine -- 
8oz  brown sugar 
1lb  of mixed dried fruit 
4oz  glace cherries
put all the above in to a pan and bring to the boil let it then go cold and 
add the below
I use the pan to mix it up in 
12oz  self raising flour 
2 eggs 
1 tsp mixed spice
7-8 inch cake tin
250f 130-150c -  1hr and about 45 min




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