Saturday, 31 December 2005

302 letter to Hogan Howe 25-1-15-







  1. Hello. I'd like to know what is going on with you but bear in mind I'm a TI, usually disorganized and sometimes lethargic, so the strange format of your website and videos makes your message unclear and I usually give up confused and frustrated at the long loading times hassle as my computer at home is sluggish. I don't understand why you have posted five photographs of yourself and five extremely brief videos of yourself.

    Surely, one 3 minute video would cover it all?

    One occasion recently, IIRC, you had a blog post headline about the police, followed by a sentence about jaffa cakes, then a brief video clip of you talking about your family tree. Are you sure you have a sincere helpful audience of your video diaries? You have been doing it for years, yet it looks like nobody is giving you feedback about presentation which would help concentrate your message and raise your profile.

  2. Hi I make little videos because that is all my phone will do, what I am trying to do is tell people about the weapons and how the pain feels and the effects it has and a little about myself and how I spend my day, and what I am thinking - to be honest I can not remember what I said about Jaffa cakes, -I all so want people to understand that just because you are been targeted that you can still have a life you just have to be strong and find diffrent ways of doing things, I no I do not all ways put things clearly ut that is because I am so bad at spelling- all I want to do is inform people and hope they understand in part what I am trying to say, and I address the letter to Hogan Howe because he is in charge of the Met police UK and until I went to them after I had been raped my life was happy and ordeal - hope this helps you to understand what I am trying to do, thank you for making a comment

  3. can you tell me how you are been targeted, the other thing is I use my my name because I am telling the truth and have nothing to hide, I all so think people find it hard to understand what I am going through because this kind of thing is so new, the only people in the UK with weapons are the police, look at the Paten reports 69 and 70 they will help you to understand what is going on in the UK with weapons

  4. Hello. Thanks for responding and letting me comment on your blog.

    In answer to your question, the best description I can think up of how I have been targeted is that of electronic warfare enhanced zersetzung, formed of organized stalking, gaslighting, psychiatric reprisal, 24/7 state watchlist based surveillance including remote psychotronic sleep hypnosis interrogation, induced dreams and computerized mindreading through infrared biometric surveillance subvocalization recognition combined with V2K. The interrogation has included sleep deprivation, confusion, shocks, sensory deprivation mock executions, ridicule, mind games, insults and threats. My neighbours are clearly heavily involved and regularly act as agent provocateurs and used to be utterly dreadful in terrorizing me with door slamming, banging noises, drills and shouting. If I walk around for longer than 20 minutes, I am usually followed by aircraft or helicopters flying past. On certain days I will have emergency vehicles drive past me too much, usually subtle enough that nobody else would notice and that I cannot be 100% sure. I am deliberately kept in a state of constant agitation and at certain points in the past my mind has been artificially set so that if I am going to lapse into a daydream or go to sleep, I instantly wake up with a jolt and an artificially placed thought. The people involved act as a tag team, so that if someone cannot bang a door, someone else can make workmen banging or drilling sounds on scaffolding or digging up a road. It is scientifically organized to be constant, yet plausibly deniable, some of it through petty emotional bullying and mimicry which is very personalized and only means something to me. As I type this, I am getting what I always find in an internet cafe since I've been a TI - deliberately loud obnoxious talking and arguments to disrupt my actions. Bunch of cowardly, bullying prats.

    Is this list similar to what you have been through?

  5. I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through, for me as you know it is pain and noise and voice to skull, as well as been followed, i have been looking for weapons since 2007 but they are hard to find the one i have found i have posted on my blog, i which there was more i could do to help other people that is why i try and record ever day - i use a mobile phone the same one i have used all of the time, i have kept all the the little videos I have made- for me it pain - voice to skull - and been followed I have pic of them but it has gone on so long i can with stand the pain, some days they have kept me in bed all day with pain I just lay there until they have filed there boots and then just carry on, they do wonder how I have lived so long but as I tell them I come from good working stock - if it helps you please feel free to comment any time you want -