Saturday, 31 December 2005

322 Letter to Hogan Howe 14-2-15- while out shopping

I went to Sainsbury yesterday I wonder if they know that the Metropolitan police are using there store in Huddersfield as a playground, my feet were so swollen my sandal would not stay fastened, so was all ready finding it hard to walk around - when I went to sit down and wait for the other lady they caused me extreme pain to my groin to the point I could not even turn side ways, when it was time to go they did not stop until they could see I was looking for someone to help me, They then realised I was going to go on to the floor and an ambulance would have to be sent for - this happened between 9-39 and 11-30 they have caused me pain to my groin all day - I came home and put away the shopping and made myself some lunch and just sat and watched the TV these attacks take it out of me physically and I have to have time to recover, the other thing that has up set them is the amount of food I have in the flat and that I have brought some cereal why this up set them so much is beyond me,
Because of my hand and that the fact it is closing and it is painful when I chop veg up I have brought frozen veg just to make life a bit easier for my self - now they keep saying they will never be able to starve me out, what they have tried to do in the passed is when I need to do a shop they have caused me pain to my hip so I can not get out of bed and then they want me to beg them to let me go shopping - I have never done this and never will, I just lay in bed and listen to the radio until they fill there boots, after one of these do's they then say things like we should not have done this, we have over stepped the mark - as far as I am concerned they over step the mark the first time they targeted me

              they were targeting my eye this morning with what felt like a thousand fly's going in to my eye






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