Saturday, 31 December 2005

346 Letter to Hogan Howe I can not express what I think of you but one day you will pay for what you have done to me -

in 2008 I hit a policeman and got off with a caution because you were to afraid to take me to court because of what I knew - Hogan Howe tell your compliant pigs to keep out of my way -
if you want to no how I feel I would rather be in a room with the men who raped me then your office at least they raped me and left me alone after your men and woman have abused me far more then they ever did 

as your is been done Hogan Howe 

on going  to bed 10-3-15- 10-30

close up of my right leg 

my on the 11-3-15

these men of the Metropolitan police force act like teenagers who have just discovered wanking 





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