Saturday, 31 December 2005

384 Letter to Hogan Howe 19-4-15- 05-09 they keep chancing there arm bless,

yesterday morning they woke me with pain to my head to make me get up, but my rule is I do not get up until they stop the pain, I all so set the alarm and do not get up until it goes off unless I want to,

The woman on duty who woke me up at 0444 said they got way with targeting her head because I had not spoken about it in my videos,   because it was not worth a mention it happens so often   it is just another officer chancing there arm in hopes they will achieve there ultimate goal and win the pot,( the pot been the money -  they have a running book and who ever get me up on command get the money)

when they woke me just now for some reason I was reminded of some thing one of the men said a while ago and it was  'by this time I thought we would have an army of people doing our bidding and so far we have not been able to get her out of bed on command'

They will never achieve this goal - I watch the Bill on drama in the morning and they go off and pay there informants for information even the gestapo paid for info because they discovered that when you tortured people they tell you what you wanted to hear to stop them doing it to you -that is not to  say that some people did not tell them the truth, when this fist started they would cause me pain to find out what I had planed and would make up things just to make them stop that is how I ended up handing out poster to anyone who would take them

what they are trying to do is unworkable because
1/the fist time they take the pain away the person is going to run away

2/ people in pain do not give there best because there only thought is to deal with the pain it take all of your energy to over come the pain they cause it is not like having a pain cause by an illness or what ever because there are no pills that will take it away, if you wake with a bad head you can take two pill of choice and with in half an hour it will go, all the pill in the world dose not get rid of there mad made pain,

3/the fools have to follow the target so they can keep them in  pain which make it expansive. how many offers per person it would take I do not know, this is why they do not want me to go out because of the man power it take to follow me, when I stay in it dose not coast as much as having people on the ground

4/ how much has it coast them in man power and money to set up this operation and remember it started in 2003, they have had hotel bills to pay for when I was working and hear as in Huddersfield they must be renting a house or have they bought one, I look out of the window and wonder which one it is

5/ big mistake telling some one they had better get use to the pain because they are going to do it for the rest of your life and that what you have to realise is that when a police office gives his word  it is there right to break it - with out hope you have nothing - and when they made these statement they took mine away and left me with nothing to look forward to, they have robbed me so far of 12 years of my life and are quite happy to rob me of what is left of it
if they stooped now there is not enough time for me to get over it because I will spend the rest of my life wondering if they will return- had i been 20/ 30/40 there would be some change of returning to a normal life, as it is when they gave me a life sentence they gave themselves one because until I am on my death bed I will fight them until I find away to stop them if I were them I would crawl back under the stone I came from before someone knock on there door -
I am going back to bed and then for breakfast toasted walnut bread with honey and hot black coffee







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