Saturday, 31 December 2005

405 Letter to Hogan Howe 11-5-15- filling there boots

Once the officer on duty had filled there boots last night they left me alone, they said at the time they were doing it that it was because they wanted me to take down utub that is what I  call there bonus, because the only thing they are interested in is satisfying there lust for violence - when they woke me in the night they ask me not to post what they had done to me

                                               Last night I watched this on ITV and I love it

this man is cruel controlling to the point that his poor wife can not even go to the loo with out his say so, she can only go out when he say and he times her
One of the office on duty ask the other why they had not been able to control me like he had 
I have told them many time before it is because they are not in the room with me, woman who are married to men like that walk on egg shells, I no this because for a brief moment in time I was married to a man who though he could get away with the same kind of thing, I found away to get rid of him and I kept the flat he left with nothing, living with him was worse in some way because to keep the peace I had to make sure that ever thing was as he wanted it until I came up with a plan, with them I do not have some one coming through the door, they are there are unseen except when I see one of them in the street and ask for the pain I am use to it, the only thing it dose is in connivance me because ever thing I do is with them causing me pain, so ever time I do what I want regardless of the pain I feel I win 
Ever day I wonder what part of do not take me on because you do not know what you are getting they did not understand 
I do not forget 
I do not for give 








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