Saturday, 31 December 2005

408 Letter to Hogan Howe 14-5-15-

this morning they woke me up with pain to my head and they did not stop until midday, it has taken me from then until now to sort out what I started last night, some thing happen to what I call my memory stick some how all the files got muddled up and I have had to find them and reorganise them, my main file ended up in another file it is to complected to explain- I do have a back memory stick thing so when I got in to the one I was using to dated my back up took ever thing of the one I use and started again and to be quite honest it takes me some time recover when they have given me what they call a good seeing to so put file back on my memory stick was the best I could manage any way if I had not had that to do I would have just watched TV all day, in a kind of away it helps me get back to some kind of normality



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