Saturday, 31 December 2005

438 Letter to Hogan Howe 15-6-15-tie 03-37 my leg

The two woman on duty said they were making my leg itch to stop me posting but if they did not want me to post they would not target me in the first place would they, if they stopped I would have nothing to blog would I they feed this blog by there action time after time,
My blog is called the day in the life of mmh189 so I can only post what happens to me on that day if I am to stick to they truth and that is what I have done and all will do, when I fist put stuff on utub they though it was a good joke but I have a feeling they no longer are seeing the funny side of it

              the white is the stuff they shot on to my legs it has got into the pits caused by the burning of my leg and it will not come out it has made my skin thin so I have to be careful when I try and remove it, there video will confirm ever thing I put in my blog should they ever be arrested - as you get older your skin dose become thin and what my body one took will start to show





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