Saturday, 31 December 2005

433 Letter to Hogan Howe 8-6-16 indelicate subject updated

the woman on duty at this moment in time has just said 'I can not believe she is still posting after all we have done to her' it is because they are still causing me pain and violating me in ever way possible that I am posting if they left me alone I would have nothing to post would I time 12-21




8-6-15- 0112



they spent all day yesterday and the day before targeting between my legs because I was raped they think what they do will bring me down -I can tell you  hear and now it will not they have been doing this to me since 2006 and it long stopped bothering me it is now just part of the daily routine they put me through except it make me sore and uncomfortable,
what happens to me through the day Say's more about them as men and woman then it dose about me 
they get up ever day and start it with a lie and that lie is to there family who believe they put them selves in danger by doing what they should be doing as police officer
they then leave for work knowing that they are going to spend they rest of the day targeting a woman of 69 for there own needs because for the life of me I can not see what the hell they get out of what they doing other wise, They once said it was research because they would need my cooperation for that and I have never given it 

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