Saturday, 31 December 2005

454 Letter to Hogan Howe 21-6-15 what is the white light that goes across me

they have been targeting my face and eye I have a bruise in  the corner of my eye and they targeted my lip until it bleed when I had it all most healed up they targeted it again - you can not see it clearly but there is a dark line down the side of my face between my ear and cheek bone because they keep targeting my a spot level to my eye but not in to my hair line 

there is a woman on duty as well as a man she said ' even when you turn it down she can still feel it'
that is because these weapons were made to be felt at any level as they very well no, after all if they could not be felt there would be little point in using them would there 
this week one of them said 'she seams happier when we are not causing her pain ' and the itch was designed to driver her mad and beg 




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