Saturday, 31 December 2005

470 Letter to Hogan Howe 27-7-15- bidding and moving

I have put in a bid for a flat and they have told me if I get it I am to say no thank you because they have not finished with me yet- they are causing me pain to my side to try and make me agree to stay hear - If I am offed the flat I will be taking it - It is a ground floor flat and not far from this one - they all so keep saying they do not want me to post any more the best way they can achieve that is by leaving me alone then I would not have any thing to post would I 

my eye are really sore because they are targeting them this pic dose not show how yellow they are and swollen they are 

you can see the Patten there weapon leaves on my skin 
this is my side going towards my back 

I photo fixed this so it would show up more 
the pain it cause is enough to stop you from wanting to eat 



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