Saturday, 31 December 2005

475 Lettter to Hogan Howe 1-7-15- hear we are another month has gone

as all ways I am going to my sister for my breakfast it won't be the same this week as the children will not be there as they are going on Holiday, Last week Molly told me how to stay safe on facebook because she had been doing Internet safety at school I was so pleased to hear that I know my nephew did drugs awareness when he was Molly age - who ever did the drugs thing told them what it was like to be arrested something he decide was not for him it was the threat of cold lumpy porridge that did it - then he confess he had all ready committed the worst crime you could do - he had a peep in a field when he was out not once but twice I promised to get him the best solicitor I could afford to defend him 






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