Saturday, 31 December 2005

484 Letter to Hogan Howe 11-8-15- how do we remember things

How do we remember things is it something we inherit or do we train our selves 
one of the officer on duty ask what kind of a memory I had because I could remember the last time one of them  side she thought of me as a lump of wood
My mum had a very good memory not only about her own life but she could give you a potted history of countries as well 
I see picture in my head of incident I can not add to them or take away from them 
I know when I am a sleep they are taking to or doing some ting because when I remember some thing they have said that what they do when I am a sleep is to make me forget and some days I wake up and feel as thought I have had no sleep and it takes me half of the day to get myself to-gather, 
yesterday I did some fried potatoes and there was a small on not much bigger then a pea  when I work picking potatoes I use to bring them home and when I had enough boiled them and then fried them as a treat with Bacon and an egg for tea my sons loved them, I have never been one for fried food we would then have a real naughty pudding to round it off with - I can see that in my minds eye -
My sister once asked me how I could remember so much as I can remember back to when I was two I do not have many memories from that age but can remember going to see my Grandmother just before she died - I once described the room she was in to my mum and she was surprised 
so to answer the question asked yesterday I do not have a bloody clue how I remember so much may be it is the way we store the info we gather 
who knows 

this is the forth day that they have been targeting my eye non-stop 
when I am doing something with my hand like now they stop as soon as I stop they start again
so I am not doing much as I will not do thing just to stop them targeting my eye's -I think they think it is away of making me compliant, they keep saying if we can get her to do one thing while we are doing this she is ours, when I am in bed and they start cause me pain of any kink I do not get up until they have filled there boots I have to have different rule for what they are doing now and that is to do nothing at all when they cause me pain to my eye 







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