Saturday, 31 December 2005

494 Letter to Hogan Howe 24-8-15 they do not think they have done any thing wrong

I thought I would pass out with the pain on Saturday it was so bad, there was a woman on duty and she said she was doing it burst my bubble and to punish me for moving when they had told me not to.
the thing is that as they cause me pain all day every day it is an empty threat - had they real only used it as a punishment and not to for fill what every perverted  fantasy they harbour it might have worked 
one of then said this week that they could not ever call this research  they had never looked after me and had not implemented a password for when the pain had got to much for me- and that there only remarks had been it can not be that painful and she can stand more pain then that 
the woman on duty said this morning ' I don't see what we have done that is so wrong' that tell me ever thing I need to know - 






  1. Have you tried contacting other targeted individuals Mary to try to take concerted action with them to get your targeting and torture stopped. I've watched quite a few of your videos and have read some articles on your website and your attempt at bringing legal action - I'm surprised you've not tried again. What about trying to bring a civil injunction against the police and state for harassment - that includes threats and physical harm. You have to prove on the balance of probabilities that someone is harming you.

    What you might like to do, is buy or hire something called a spectrum analyser - this picks up the intensity of the electro-magnetic waves that they beam at you. Aaronia in Germany make them and you would need one that covers the 10 MHz (megahertz) to 6 GHz (gigahertz) range. They're quite costly, but once you've got one you can prove time and time again that they're (your attackers) are there.

    Then what you need to do is go to the Ofcom website and look up the UK Frequency Allocation Chart. That lists all the frequencies that are used in the UK and if you cross-check any high intensity frequencies with that chart, you'll see that most correlate with Ministry of Defence ones - that's not to say the police and others don't use them. But often the MOD are behind all of this and the security services. If it's police, it's more often than not likely to be Special Branch or a special intelligence unit. And also artificial intelligence, ie a super computer is more often than not speaking to you. It reacts to your thoughts, so more or less everything is done on automatic pilot. You can also look up lots of MOD documents that talk about the spectrum - that's what they call the directed energy weapons frequencies and so on. There's tonnes of proof that this exists from MOD documents if you look.

    You can look on the internet also for manufacturers of directed energy weapons and the antennas that they use. You can hopefully also look at Ofcom charts and locate any cell phone masts they might be using to target you and the antennas. A lot of it's delivered by satellite too.

    If you want some temporary respite from the pain, you need to break up the radio waves or microwaves hitting you. One way to do this is to get a very strong fan and this can sometimes provide relief and cool you down. You might also like to try to get an apron or some such that specialists use when taking X-rays to provide some relief.

    You can also get wire mesh products, like a bin or shelves of a desk in and out tray, and rest your head on it (or in it). It breaks up the waves. Synthetic fleece material and silk helps stem it a bit. What you need to do is to try to break up the waves attacking you somehow. If you've got any electrically minded friends, perhaps they could make you a signal jammer of some sort, or you could acquire one somewhere.

    One surefire way to break up the voices in your head, is to wear simple ear plugs. They often target your tongue and voice box so you'll hear it - ie the synthetic telepathy. You can use an electric toothbrush and bite it hard between your gums and place it on your tongue. Voila most of the voices go away. Best of luck Mary. I hope God watches over you and all TIs. They don't deserve these vile people. It's a shame he gives them such licence to harm, deceive and hurt people.

  2. Sorry that I have not replied before now but have only just seen your comment - I did try different thing when it started and gave up and decide to just over come the pain as best I could - now I do not work it is easy because when they start I just stay in bed - what they do is for there own ends and I know what ever I do they will not stop I just hope what I have posted helps other people, all they are doing now is robbing me of the last few years of my life - I am 70 years old had I been 30 it would be a different story - there pain is some thing I over come ever day and I am use to doing it - I can not remember what it is like to wake with out pain or go to sleep with out pain it is just there- thank you for comment