Saturday, 31 December 2005

555 Letter to Hogan Howe 6-9-15- freezer and ice and been made cold

this is the inside of my freezer all though it is full of ice the food was defrosting I think if has something to do with there weapons have turned it down a bit and will have to keep an eye on it 
they have spent the last two days making me cold -I wish I could explain there cold from just been feeling cold by the weather - the only think I can say it make you cold on the inside as well as the out side and it dose not matter how many lays you put on you can not get warm all  so they can make your back cold and your back warm and at the same time make your legs warm, it is not the kind of cold that makes you rub your arms and put on a cardigan it all so bring your mood down - and there cold sit on your skin 
the freezer is no better this morning so will have to try and put ever thing in one freezer and turn of the small one and defrost it - there is so much ice in it I can not get the top draw in it still and they all have a crack in them in the same place I think 






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