Saturday, 31 December 2005

560 Letter to Hogan Howe Commander of the biggest gang of thugs in London

Did you real think that causeing me pain to my hip and back would bring me down you fool - you may be the commander of the biggest gang in London but sadly for you they are fools - will you ever learn that your weapons will not bring me down    
So what have I been doing they started cause extreme pain to my back and hip to stop me getting the old wall paper of the the walls which I did by sitting on a chair and doing as far as I could and my brother in law did the rest - it was all so to try and make me take down this blog that is not going to happen - so each day I have set my self a task and done it and then just sat and watched the TV because the pain they are causing take has taken all my will power to over come it.
then the penny dropped there are god knows how many people living with bad hips and they get through each day and the longer you live with a pain the more you get use to it, the only difference is they can take pain killers and I can not because the pain is manufactured by them 
the fist time they tried this I spent days in bed until they stopped once they revist a pain all ready tried I no what to expect and am able to deal with it 
Because I did not post they thought they were winning and were giving themselves a pat on the back one of them said that who ever bring me down will get rewarded - I would like it to be jail time 





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