Saturday, 31 December 2005

562 Letter to Hogan Howe 20-9-15-

They are still causing me pain to my hip and leg to the point of distraction all there pain dose is stops me concentrating and make me come up with new things to make my life easy when getting in and out of the house - have put an old chair at the back door to hold on to when getting out and sit on when they target my back-
this morning they went through the why we should not be doing this and we are only attracting  attention to ourselves - and they are trying to make out that they have just found out that cellulitis is not painful  because it is a deep skin infection then they carry on causing me pain all this is said just to try and up set me but as they have been following the same line for years what effect do they think it is going to have now 

what they are doing is causing pain that is related to arthritis and not cellulitis there should only be pain when I have the infection its self 





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