Saturday, 31 December 2005

565 Letter to Hogan Howe 24-9-15 They see it as a game -I do not

they keep saying that what I do not understand is that thy just regard this as a game - I wonder how many live this game as coast people who have fallen fowl of the Metropolitan Police because believe  me I will not be the only one 
and had it not been for there arrogance I would not have a blog the fist time I put it on utub they thought it was a joke to the point they were picking film star to play themselves and they targeted me in the eyes every morning to put a new video up - to save my eye's I did it and at the same time told the fools they were making me stuff on there that would one day send them to prison and they told me they knew what they were doing and told them they did not-
what they all so said through out this that I had better get ues to what they are doing because they would do it to me for the rest of my life 
once you have been told this you have nothing to lose
and why me because they thought I was the most stupid because I can not spell 

The powers that be had two main objectives when this started 
1 to see how complaint they could make the office who pull the trigger 
2 to see how long some one could live with what they were doing to them 
one officer said I had out lived my welcome 

Hear this Hogan Howe
I do not forget
I do not forgive
this blog is staying 








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