Saturday, 31 December 2005

592 Letter to Hogan Howe 30-10-15- There only achivment is making me pee

there greats achievement is making me pee on command and only because at time it is some thing you can not ignore 
one of the men keeps saying that by now I should be asking if I can make a cup of coffee and not just doing it - when I had my hair cut they punished me for days by turning up the pain - the fact of the matter is because they never turn there pain off at all and have turned it up to for fill there own needs they can not make me compliant with pain- when this started there prim objective was to see how all someone could live for while they were causing them pain - by live I mean live there own normal lives doing what ever job they are doing -- this was not meant to make me compliant so why have they started after all these years - them saying what I should be doing will not make me compliant 
I have said this before had they on September 2006 said to me after the first time of real pain if you do we will never cause you pain again I would of complied instead what they said was she had better get use to this we are for life and I have got use to it - 
I worked from 2006 until 2011 regardless of the pain they caused me and then on the way home from Leeds decide not to work again I am not sure why I decide not to work 
what I do understand is making people compliant is a very complected thing and how you go about it mystifies me -  what I do know is that that at this stage it will never happen because they have used the pain they cause to for fill there own need and you can not change your prim objective because it make what you were trying to do invalid as it was not for filled to the end - doing the job I was doing I could have worked until I was 75 but - and the penny drops because I was and could cope they kept turning up the pain until I could not - when this started they caused me more pain at night and lowed in the day so why did they change only they can answer that 





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