Saturday, 31 December 2005

573 Letter to Hogan Howe 5-10-15- permission what permission

no body ask me for permission from me when they started this 

They keep saying I have not asked them for Permission to do thing hear are some of the thing
1- getting my hair cut short
2- moving from the flat to the bungalow

                                                   3 - any thing they think of at the time
from the moment I moved in to this bungalow they started turning up the pain for one reason or another, ever office who comes on duty say some thing different
when I was working I did not ask them if I could go to work or make a cup of coffee or ant thing else - there prim objective was to see how long I could live with them doing what they are doing to me,
Now they have decide they all so want to make me compliant as well
A few month's ago one of the office said and I quote ' I can tell you quite chaotically we are going to do this to you until you are on your death bed ' when some one gives you the ultimate threat you have nothing to loss do you

had they said to me the next morning after this videos was made which was the fist of  so many bad night that they wanted me walk on hot coals I would have but what they said is you had better get use to it we are for life - I have given my address on this video god knows why because I was not on the Internet and did not have a laptop

                     I still have the phone I made these video with and the videos are still on them
                        on this night the men on duty laughed all the time they were doing it to me
                                                                             September  2006

Sep 2006






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