Saturday, 31 December 2005

575 Letter to Hogan Howe - 9-10-15- real x this morning

Hogan Howe the fools you employ threaten to have me section last night because I did not know how to turn the Central heating of - they were going to send for the mental  health team - until I pointed out that who were they going to say phoned them - it would not have been the sister who came to turn the dame thing of for me - keep making empty threat's fools and see what that gets you -
My proble is when I looked after old people I phoned about gas leaks so many time and how someone did not end up dead in one house I do not know - the gas man turned of the gas out side and the lady who I was looking after at to go in a home because they refused to turn it on until all the pipe had been renewed - if it is not the law it should be that every one has there gas things looked at  to make sure they are OK 








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