Saturday, 31 December 2005

600 Letter to Hogan Howe 8-11-15- HOPE or should I say the lack of it

Hope I went out with my sister yesterday and we talk about the way you speak to people and how to get the best from them - I think if people make mistakes when they are doing some thing they will have done something right and it is best to  point out the good before the mistake and to do it it in a kind way 
Last night I watched a program about the best film made about prison and one man said that he had been given a long sentience and when he started ask for prole they kept saying no but he never gave up hope that one day they would see he had changed and they did 
when hope is taken away from you there is know were to go 
they have told me that it dose not matter what I do they will do this until I am one my death bed 
they turn up the pain to try and make me take some posting down - why would I comply when there is no hope of them stopping 
they have caused me pain to my knees for week and this morning one of them said it had not worked so they were going to try causing more pain to my right hip this will not either all that will happen is I will get use to the pain
they keep saying they want to end this but as they keep turning up the pain and making remarks like' I like to see her work through the pain '  which tell me they are not ready to stop
as I have said to them until there is something of value in for me nothing will come down there other problem is there word like them is worthless because they have said that when they give there word it is there right to break it because they are police officer the very people who you would think  would give there word do not think they should have to
At some time this week one of them ask who ever they were on duty with how I knew it was the Metropolitan police and was told it was because they had made remark about the job when this first started 
' I love working for the Met it gives you Kudos and all you have to do is show your card and you get what you want'
and ' she is luck it is doing this because with any one then us she would be in trouble'
when this started 2004 nobody was bogging and who would have thought we would have this kind of opportunity to air our thought and so on they said what ever came in to there heads 
one had time off because his wife had a baby they called her Milly 
I could go on 
all so I have pic of some of them 






noise only

last night when I was in bed the office on duty targeted under my breast for god knows how long and did tell him I would post the pic if he made me sore the marks you see were caused by him 

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