Saturday, 31 December 2005

613 Letter to Hogan Howe 18-11-15- nothing to hide

still waiting for the appointment about my feet once that is done it will eyes next 
one of the office keeps asking why they are not in charge when they have the weapons 
the answer is simple and I have said it more then once  
they were meant for crowed control and not to make people complaint on a one to one level 
and I will say this again tortour is as much about the mind of the victim and the abuse getting in to it and I have never let you in to my mind - I do not  ask my self why me but say better me because I have had life experience and been a people watcher and it helps me deal with the loose you send after me -
they keep saying they think I have been trained -I have not been in any of the armed force thank god
if you call been trained listening to the good of advice of my friend Jo when I was 19ish and taking on bod the game he should me to survive  then yes I have been trained by someone who could rings around the pathetic no hopes you have sent after me 
you will never get the better of me 
this morning they were trying to decide what mood I was in by the coffee I decide to have for my breakfast - some time I have black granulated - or one with milk or ground black never have mike in this  
I no you have my address but hear is a reminder 
you see I can use my real name and address because I have never told a lie shame the same can not be said about you 






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