Saturday, 31 December 2005

615 Letter to Hogan Howe 20-11-15- noise and the SAS

time writing  001-05 

10 November 2015
the one that shows them been interrogated is the 19 November 2015 
but could not find it 
for the last few days I have been bombard with noise and did post a video yesterday with the noise on 
the fools on duty to-night said they had turned up the noise because of what they had seen on this program
what they for get is that when this first started I got use to the noise with the help of two radios one was tuned to radio 4 and the other to radio 3 what I did was turn down radio 3 until all I could hear was there noise it worked 
when I got in to bed to night I went to sleep with the noise on and they woke me and turned up the noise some more and they keep targeting my tummy to make me go to the loo 
07-46 how many times they made me go to the loo after I went back to bed  I do not know because I lost count 






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