Saturday, 31 December 2005

596 Letter to Hogan Howe 2-11-15- my right foot and bill paying today + a moving white spot

the woman on duty at 2-11-15-19-28 has been causing me pain to my foot for the last hour and she knows she has caused a bruise is quite happy to carry on targeting that spot - she asked the man who is on duty with her if there was any place she could target me without causing a bruise 
at the time I was doing nothing this was just to for fill her own needs 
The woman on duty woke me to pain to my head and knee , In the night they woke me more then once to cause me pain to my knee to see if they could make me go in to shock - what they thought it achieve I do not know other then giving them pleasure 
spent the morning getting over the night and then went to the bank and to a cafe for coffee because they said I would be to afraid to do it after the pain they had caused me 
they were wrong bills paid in full 









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