Monday, 31 December 2001

25-2-16- Letter to Hogan Howe what make the Meropolitan police so Paranoid they have to torture

They kept me awake all night because they did not want me to go shopping on Wednesday - I did go shopping and got what I wanted - by the evening I felt terrible and went to bed at 10pm and feel asleep - they woke me gods knows how many times in the night because  I  they knew how ill I was feeling and my guess is they think they can use these times to bring me down even more - I did not make any videos because I could not get my head to-gather enough and was still asleep at 9am when the postman came 
I do not think I have had a whole nights sleep since this started - I went to Birmingham to look after a lady and she had lot of book on getting in to bed I reached for the book nearest to me - it turned out to be about torture and how it effected both the victim and the tortureI only looked at bits of it but the one thing I do remember is that it said that if they did not get the information they wanted with in the first 24 hours they would never get it or they would be told any thing the victim thought they wanted to hear - 
I have never had any information to give them so have had nothing to trade - what they have done has been for there own gratification and  because they could there arrogance allows them to believe they will get away with it for ever 
All this has ever been about is the Metropolitan police getting there collective rocks of and filling there boots at the expenses of the great British public 
what make the Metropolitan police so Paranoid
that they have to torture people 




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