Monday, 31 December 2001

6-7-16 Letter to Hogan Howe - train in and been targeted

I went to the podiatry clinic yesterday and it was a nightmare the pain they caused me was out of this world and by the time I got home I was upset and mad as a wasp nest so did not post had any of them knocked on my door I would have beaten them until I fell to the ground - face to face I am not afraid of them after all what are they only bullies and bullies are cowed's My brother Steven was bullied at school and he would run to me for help and  as I was older then him it was my job to keep him safe and I did - I have been fighting bullies all of my life - we were in children home when we were small  through no fault of my mum and dad and a woman in there raised her hand to Stephen and I stood in frount of him and she was remind that my dad visited us ever Saturday - My mum was in hospital at the time and there was no one to look after us and as soon as she had my brother Tom my mum came and got us and took us home again - Tommy was over 10 lb when he was born I have never seen sutch a big baby - my other brother and sister were about 7 lb there is all ways one he was it 





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