Monday, 31 December 2001

17-8-16- Letter to Hogan Howe - lies and yet more lies

one of the office to day wanted to know why they were not winning when they have the weapon - the answer is simple because that is all they have and I have got use to the pain over the years- they can not use it to make me do any thing they want because for to many years they used it for there own pleasure - All so they have told lie after lie when they have said that if I took thing down they would leave my eyes alone they never even stopped and now there is very little sight in my left eye my right is OK at the moment but they target that as well
they now say they want me to take ever thing down and they will leave me alone I know this is a lie 
I have said this all before but when you are told that because they are police men they have the right to break there word it leaves you with out hope 
The other thing they keep saying is that I am putting on the pain this is not true and I would not do that I need to be honest with my self so that I  can deal with the pain as it comes - 

they had targeted me all night with out any let up







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