Friday, 3 January 2003

1-6-17 Letter to Hogan Howe -playing in to there hands

1-6-17 yesterday they kept me in bed until 1pm and only stopped causing me pain because I had a phone call to say that my nephews were coming to so me 
they told me I had to get up and have my breakfast while they were causing me pain and if I did it once they would leave me alone they truly expected me to believe that 
I stayed in bed until the phone call but what it dose is give me time to think and decide they would never be able to get control of any kind 
I have all ways set the alarm clock and because of the helicobactet I need to eat at certain time so have now hand over the order of the day to the clock 
for some reason best known to them selves if I stop doing some thing they feel they have to punish me by targeting me my eyes if I then get up and do some thing they feel as if they are training me when all I want to do is my family tree or what ever 
I have never just sat and watched TV I use to knit or do needle work until they robbed me of my eye sight - now I go on the net when I feel like it - I miss doing needle work I as not stitch perfect but found it relaxing - 
so form to-day my new golden rule is I get up how ever much pain  they are causing me and get on with my day

they woke me up ever hour in the night to fill there boots 

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