Thursday, 3 January 2002

2-6-17 letter to Hogan Howe

2-6-17 time 02-6-17 - just how stupid are you they and by they I mean your officer keep saying they have been told to bring me down - how do you think your weapons are going to do this a question I have asked them many times and have never had an answer to-  Your problem is that for years you used these weapons to see how long I would live while you were doing this to me and at the same time told me to get use to the pain you were causing as you were going to do it for the rest of my life - You can not now change your prim objective and expect it to work and you can not use pain to make me take any thing down because you used it to make me put it on this blog in the first place - your stupid officer were targeting my eyes to make me do this in fact this is what they said at 7am ever morning ' get her out of bed to post and shot her in the eyes until she dose' so I posted because then I was trying to save the sight in my left eye it has all but gone now  - I did tell them at the time that they were making me put stuff on hear that they had no way of getting down and was told they knew what they were doing and I told them they did not - they are still feeding this blog if they were to leave me alone I could not post it but the problem is they all get off on what they are doing and the thought that they may one day make me compliant is filling there boots even more
they wait for me to go to sleep and then wake me causing  me as much pain as they can so I wake up in shock they delight in this


this is why the woman on duty thought she could fill her boots and why I would not post 

they pain she is causing is past the red zone 

up date at 09-35
have not had very little sleep 

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