Saturday, 4 January 2003

11 -7-17 letter to Cressida - have you no brains

up date about last night 
I went to bed at about 9-45pm and watched life below zero and a bit of  the next program then turned the TV off as I was falling asleep between going to bed and 3am they got me out of bed 8 times 
the date are a bit confusing on my new phone so will put them in full 20170711-002410/ 20170710-223919/ 20170710-223535/ 201707010 - 211420/ 20170710-043334 /  I use two phone the time of the other is 07 -7-17-0054 / 07-7-17 0225 / 07-7-17 0314 

my legs at 10-45 am today

and at 1pm today they make them this colour  to cover up the burn they cause at night 

I have all the videos I have ever made but can not load up this morning as there is something wrong with my laptop and think I will need to buy a new one 
why is it when some one new is picked as Commissioner of the Metropolitan police they leave there brains behind 
It has been tow or three weeks since my last post and in that time the unit you employ have got worse waking me good no how many time a night under the heading if she is not posting we can do what we want and believe me they have 
The only time they let up for a bit was when they were getting over the shock of the arrest of police office in Liverpool and then kept saying to one another that they were protected by there badge 
I have post and told them they are not and the same goes for you so hear we are again. 
By the way all the time they have been causing me pain they said it was because they wanted me to post make of that what you will
The two thugs on duty will be quite happy at the moment because they have kept me awake all night by making me pee I think it is because they think it make them powerful when I drop my pants as the make me peep so often
I have spent all day drinking so I would not become dehydrated  the more I drink the more they make me go, 
They all so target my bowels to the point they have become laze and I am having to eat more and more fruit and need the fluids to help with this problem 
they try and make me hungry knowing that I am having problems eating because of the helicobactor I no how much is safe for me to eat with out been sick but they want to be in control and have said they will have won when I am eating when they say and what they say 
They all so keep saying they are punish me for moving with out asking them 
I have never asked them if I could do this that or the other and never will 
this was never about  making me compliant it was as been stated to so how long I would live while you were targeting me and as one of you thugs said they thought I  would live six months and I have now out lived my welcome 
they have been saying for some time that if I took ever think down they would leave me alone if this last few week is any thing to go by they will think they have gone to heaven because as they have shown thing only got worse 

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