Monday, 31 December 2001

1-11-16- Letter to Hogan Howe - ever TI need to read this

I have been to the Doctors today because I had to go to A&E on Saturday and this is what he said 
that on Saturday I was presenting with hart failure but there problem was there was on evidences of what had caused it - had I been a smoker or drinker they could say it was because of them - all my blood test came back negative and my chest XRAY was clear - he has now sent me for more blood tests - over the last few months I have had ever blood test there is  and they have never found any thing wrong with me yet when you look at my legs they are swollen and sore they are full of fluid even though I have a wedge on the bed to stop it happening - I wish I did not have to put the NHS through this but I have to have what they are doing recorded because one day someone will knock on my door and want to know the full story 
MY legs and eye are my evidence against them neither will get better and as neither are ever left  alone I can depend on them to  carry on giving me what I need to send them  to prison one day 

There problem is they can make you look as if you have xy or z but your body calls there bluff so to speak - the more this goes on the more I learn about there weapons and what they can and can not do - they must be very disappointed to discover that there toys only have the power to cause pain - My guess is they were hoped that they would have caused irreversible damage to my organs that would bring about my death 
been for the blood test and had to be rescued as I could not walk all the way hospital staff were very kind 

the back of my leg it is so swollen it is 78cm round 

my neck after they have targeted it you can see the swelling on the right hand side as you look at pic 

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