Monday, 31 December 2001

4-11-16- Letter to Hogan Howe - how often should you pee

How often should you pee after you have had a glass of water, I have been looking this up today and If I have got it right it is about one hour but it depends on quite a lot of thing how much you have eaten and so on
what I do no is that I go as many times as they make and some time it can be up to 4 times a night the fluid I have is not given time to do me any good - so why do they make me want to pee so I have to get out of bed so it wakes me up - the woman on duty said this morning to who ever was on duty with her that if I did not get out of bed it did not count as waking me up
in the day they some times make me go twice in a couple of minutes -








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