Monday, 31 December 2001

13-11-16-Letter to Hogan Howe - unless the leave me alone they will kill me

The last few days have been dreadful there has been no let up in them targeting my chest, my breathing is getting worse by the second,
They are still making me pee and I need to go in my own time and they keep saying that they though they were doing me a favour  by making me pee and it dose not matter how many times I tell them what they are doing they still do it. I need to drink as much as I can so my bladder fills up and then release it in it own time that way it will stop storing liquid - 
when you don't drink enough your body store's liquid in case it dose not get any more so you need to drink a lot to convince your body it is all ways going to get water and it will release what it is storing - what they are doing is ever time I take a drink they make me pee so the water is going straight through me and my body still thinks it will not get any - this making me pee started because they wanted to wake me at night and the only way they could wake me up is by getting me out of bad then they started doing it in the day as well - the more I was drinking the more they made me go and how I am now is the result the fluid on my legs is effecting my hart - 




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