Monday, 31 December 2001

13-11-16-x2 Letter to Hogan Howe fish bone and death only I am still hear

I must have gone to sleep and they woke me by shooting something in to my throat it felt like a fish bone I woke up in a state of shock and it took my breath away - I truly thought I would die the over whelming fear I felt was over whelming  I could not think what to do because I could not have given my name and address had I phoned 999 but I will next time as one of the men on duty said it was a good job that I did not do because they would have a recording of me diying, in the end I had a drink of grapefruit juice and that helped  -
when they do this kind of thing they then say things like we have over stepped the mark and we did not mean it to go this far - 
last night one of the men on duty said he thought I would win in the end and was worried how it would make them look, they keep saying if they give up they will look like loose what do they think doing this make them look like 






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