Monday, 31 December 2001

15-4-16-Letter to Hogan Howe - Tasers speak louder then words but only in the moment

weapons used to cause pain speak only in the moment they are used once the pain has gone the message goes with it because for most people it is a once inn a life time thing  

The active denial system was designed to be use at demonstrate and how often you feel the effects would depend on how many time you go on a demo 


this weapon is there most powerful weapon because it is the only one who that can get in to your head 
they can talk to you at any time of the night or day or use it to send sound to your ear - you can hear there sound on my video they change it from time to time by adding a squeak or what ever 
I have was told right from the start of this to get use to it as they were going to do it for life
at first the noise drove me mad and kept me awake and now I can not go to sleep without it what ever the noise is 
I have said this before I used two Small radios on I had tuned in to Radio 4 the other to radio 3 
4 is talking and 3 is classical music at first I had 3 on louder then 4 because it got rid of there sound and little by little I turned it down and kept 4 
Again I was luck how long it was after they started one of them used the F word I do not know but it is the only time one of them has ever been told of and he was told not to use that word or any other swore word and he said she dose and he was told that as police office they did not and I could say what I wanted  so I have used swore word all of the time 
speech pattens we all have different speech patten and we have favourite words we use -how ever cleave they are and how ever well they think they know they will never use the same speech patten as you
You have to learn to distinguish between them and yourself, 
They are better educated then me so use words I do not use and who ever is doing this to you will do the same write down the words and the time you heard it  some thing I wish I had done 
make video at the time saying what you have heard this I have done 
they will make slip up and say some thing about them selves make a video and state what you have heard 
and NEVER NEVER do what they tell you to do 
never try and do deals with them because once you do that they have you were they want you -I only did this once and they did not keep  the deal 
they ask me to take some down and said if I did they would leave my eyes along now when they say if you take what ever down I say no because it will be a lie 






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