Monday, 31 December 2001

23-4-16-Letter to Hogan Howe Cellulitis again Droctor's on Tuesday if I make till then

what you have to remember is the order to do this to me came from a police office like Hogan Howe I just wonder who gives him his order's 

so that someone like this officer spends his days causing pain  to  old age pension in stead of capturing criminals
(I am not saying he his personal responsible but men and woman like are)

and like the one I have seen 6 times 

my leg before 2011
this was when they were burning them  at a low level 
the other day the woman on duty said after they woke me up so they could cause me pain that they burned me because they thought it helped me to go back to sleep 
when this all started one of there rules was that I had to go to sleep while they were causing me pain this I now realise was one of the order give to them instead of choosing the right question



this is what the dressing was like when I looked at them 
the line on the dressing were like - the trouble is i do not know what they were like 


the white stuff was put on my legs by them to stop me seeing what was underneath and to get it of they would burn it or as they would say give me laser treatment for what seamed like hours 

taken on my new phone yesterday 
you can see the bruise on my leg but it dose not show just how bad they my sister was shocked b them to day







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