Monday, 31 December 2001

16-1-16- Letter to Hogan Howe - my vist to the hospital

one of the office has said I can not prove what I am saying this is not true I have posted the weapons they could be using - he all so said which is more telling that may be no one will ever ask to see there videos which will prove what I am saying is true 
I have video that I have made - the hospital as a record of to-day and know my neck and head were ans still are swollen and they have there videos and when the you no what hits the fan all three will match 

this is how it feel as though they are trying to crush my brain
is this what they mean when they say they want to bring me down

do not know what any of this means 

what they do is wake me sometimes up to 5 times a night and target my tummy so I have to get out of bed and go  to the loo  this is why I am dehydrating they all so target my tummy to give me diarrhoea  in the morning 
when they have woken me at night they then target me by causing me pain to keep me awake last night it was my head they started a t 4am and did not stop until they gave me a pain killers in the hospital 
the office on duty have been saying all day that they do not know what to do next they do not want to be seen as giving so I think they would rather been known as murders after all there prime objective was to see  how long I would live while they were doing this to me and one of them said they did not think I would live this long and that I had out lived my welcome 
no wonder I feel dead on my feet 

sleep deprivation












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